Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shuttle test printing interruption....

We finally received the new extruder for our 3d printer. Even though this now gives us the consistence and the desired extrusion thread we are wanting, there are still problems showing up. Seems we may now have to replace the entire printer since the heat sensor on the extruder is fluxuating wildly giving an inconsistent draw. I am looking for the best extrusion process to produce some good shuttles to offer my customers. With that being said, we will have at least two sizes that we are offering once I can get a good production going. The large size will be approximately 3.5 inches long with or without a hook on the end. The regular size will be approximately 2.5 inches long also with or without a hook on the end. I have not yet decided if I will continue to attach my Apophysis graphics to the shuttles or try to do something else. I love having a unique design for my shuttles and the idea of the all being made on computer. This really does fit in with my background as a computer programmer by training. 

We have continued to work on the printer with no further luck in getting the extrusion process to produce a consistent product. In the picture below, you will see an attempt at repairing the edge of the shuttle where the supports are broken off after printing. It seems that the inconsistency of the heat has left weak spots in the material which leave it weak and easily broken. Since I know that there will be those who are very picky about this, I am choosing not to accept this in the manufacturing process. I am hoping that the replacement printer will arrive soon and we will be back to printing once again. 

I am pleased with the overall look to the new shuttle design as they are all one piece construction and do not require gluing together as other designs do. It is also apparent that I can adjust the size of the shuttle without any structural changes. I will be able to expand my offerings down the road to include flat shape shuttles, thread winders and different printing colors. The files will have to be built for me to be able to make the different shapes on the printer but that will be down the road. The colors will be run in batches as they come off of very long reels. Our first offering will most likely be from the current reel of purple filament that we have on hand. The designs attached may or may not be repeats of the Apophysis files I have already made up or something new. I can look into making images similar to what is available in other shuttles. I will just have to consider how to make these unique to me. I have already been approached to make them exclusive to a certain shop. Not sure how that will work and if I can still sell them on my own. I could create some special stuff  that would only be available through any event that I attend. If this ever gets up and running, I am hoping that this will fund my travel expenses to any of the workshops and events coming up later this year.

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Happy tatting!

Arial - the Tattered Faerie

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