Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello, been a long time.

I really hate excuses for why something has not been getting done. So I have none. There are personal reason as to why I have not been posting of late but you really don't want to hear me rant. I believe you would rather listen to my my woes.

I recently tatted a test piece from fellow tatter "Elaine Phyllis Gan" and turned into a necklace as in the picture below. This was an update to a vintage piece for collar and cuffs.

I also have been working on a little bigger project for my grand daughters in Japan. I am doing lace borders to attach to curtain panels. I will post pictures of that project when I am closer to being done before it gets sent off.

This post is not so long on words but longer in pictures. I do apologize for not posting but you see, I suffer from Hypothyroidism. It does not sound all that bad but it effects nearly 60 million people who many go undiagnosed for years. It is just one step short of full blown diabetes. Doctors know how to deal with the latter but not the former. I have days when I just hurt so bad I don't want to get out of bed. I have days when I am anxious when confronted with things that are unfamiliar to me. There are days when I just want to run and hide because I am so depressed about nothing and everything. Don't even get me started about mood swings, let's just say my husband is a dear man to put with me. I don't work any more though I would love to earn a little money to support my habit (crafting). My doctor was reluctant to even diagnose me until I begged for a full thyroid panel after noticing I was gaining 5 pounds a week and barely eating anything. He put me on one level of thyroid hormone and expects that to fully treat my problem. (This is the standard treatment for any thyroid problem it seems.) I am currently looking around for a doctor willing to work with me to get me feeling more what "normal" should feel like rather than what "normal" I am experiencing these days.

In spite of all this, I wish for you the happiest of tatting days. I hope to be able to write another article again soon.

Happy Tatting

Arial - the Tattered Faerie