Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Winners Announced......

I apologize for not posting this sooner. I have been busy over the past several days dealing with family issues that have come up over the last several days. More on that later.

The winner is Wally Sosa. She has graciously sent me her published pattern books in exchange for this item. You can find her items for sale in her Etsy shop here.

The winner for this book is Annie Rutherford. She will be putting together some items from New Zealand along with some tatting stuff in exchange for this book.

The winner for this book is Jeanne Lugert. She has shown me an interesting photo of some tatting supplies that she is putting together as her exchange for this book. 

The final winner for this book is Linda Reiff. I have not heard what she is putting together but I am looking forward to seeing it.

My excuses for not sending things out sooner are very family related. The weekend began with us moving Mother into her new living arrangement. We have very interesting conversations everytime that we take her back to her new apartment. My Monday morning started out very early as we needed to travel to Scott AFB to pickup my son and his family to take them to the St. Louis airport for the beginning of their 4 year adventure in Okinawa Japan for the Air Force. This is my son's second trip there but this time he has a family along to make him get off base more. In the process of taking him, we drove home with their two cars which now belong to his siblings. (or at least will once they are paid for.)

I have managed to get back to some tatting but it is something that I can not share yet as I have picked up a test tatting project. More details will be published once the book has come out. In the process of tatting this piece. I have used some of the "fiesta" threads that I hand dyed and dyed up some varigated "Kelly green" threads. I really can't wait to share pictures of what I have done. You will just have to imagine until I can. I am continuing to work on simple projects to build some products for my soon to be Etsy store.

Happy tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Saturday, June 23, 2012

While I am waiting.....

While I am waiting for one person to respond to my email about the books, here is something that I found that will definitely be an inspiration piece for me to duplicate in the near future.Once I hear from the last winner I will happily tell you who the lucky 4 were.

This floral piece is absolutely beautiful to look at so I am going in search of some new patterns or some very old patterns so that I can put something like this together. It is also an inspiration piece for some additional elements with my hatbands that I hope to have for sale soon in my Etsy shop. I am slowly getting things together that I will want to list in the shop that I really enjoy working on. I have some jewelry designs in mind as well. I know it will be nothing fancy at first because I am just starting out. There have been just so many steps for me to get this shop together. I am in the process for filling out the paperwork to get my company tax number from the federal government. Not sure just how long this will take for them to respond.

Well that is all from me for the day. 

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Friday, June 22, 2012

Things came up.....

I am so sorry that I was unable to publish the names of the winners of the books yesterday. My daughter-in-law had severe issues with her dental appointment yesterday where it took far longer than we thought. So a huge chunk of my time was spent watching grandbabies yesterday. Today I am trying to get in touch with all of the winners. Just as soon as they are notified I will update this post with their names. 

I do have to ask here for the person who goes by the name "StringyDogs" to email me at arialgr at gmail dot com. I really have no way to get in touch with you otherwise. If you could please up date your profile with an email then it would be much simpler for people to get in contact with you. It would be easy to create an address at gmail using your "StringyDogs" name if you still want to remain anonymous to the outside world.

Sorry to tatting images today. Not much gets done when I am with the two little ones as they are both under 2 and need lots of attention right now.

Happy tatting

Arial - Tatting Faerie

Monday, June 18, 2012

Proposed Exchange.....

Okay here it is:

A few days ago, I was going through all of my tatting books just looking to see just what I might turn into a jewelry piece. bookmark, or hatband. I was sort of forced to look at some of my older books because of other things going on in the house at the time that "forced" me to clean out from under my desk. Well, I discovered that I had 4 duplicate books in my stash. Rather than let them languish going unused, I decided that I needed to get them into the hands of another deserving tatter. I know that I could send them all to one place and be happy but I would rather send them to multiple homes to spread the tatting around the world. In return, I would like this to be a fair exchange on the part of the recipient. In other words, I would like for them to put together a package of tatting related items to send in exchange. 

In order to do this fairly, I am restricting this to only those who have posted here on the blog or on the Facebook groups and will be selecting by random number for three of the books. I say "three" because one of the books was particularly asked for by a long time online tatting friend. This is the only exception to my rule. Below I will be posting the covers to the particular books that I have duplicates of. Please indicate the one that you have the most interest in.

This is Tatting Technique & History by Elgiva Nicholls. (I am sorry but this is the on already spoken for.)

This one is Tatting for the Beginner: Snowflakes, Crosses & Edgings by Nettie Lou Strafford Shipp.
This one is Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman.
Last we have Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll

Yes you may attempt to bribe me to put you up near the top of the list but that may or may not work. ;)

I will give you two days to post to this entry on my blog or my post in Facebook. As I did last time I will post an addendum to this post stating that the drawing is closed and will then follow up the next day with the winners.

Let the games begin. 

Happy Tatting!
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Book Exchange is now CLOSED!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Journeys beginning....

Well, yesterday was a very long and busy day as we sent my middle child off to basic training in the Air Force. I have pictures of the occasion but they will be posted to my Facebook page when I get them off the camera and processed. 

I must admit that I have not been doing a lot of tatting in the past few weeks. I have not been too idle though as I have been trying to decide some other things to sell in my Etsy shop. I don't just want to sell hatbands as I would not get many sales that way. I always dive into things in a big way but then tend to fizzle out. I am just hoping that by varying what I do I can keep my interest going much longer. Also by keeping this blog, I hope others will keep me  encouraged and accountable in getting on with the shop. I have done a lot of research on opening the shop. I have gathered all the "helpful" information that they have to offer. I will be filling out the necessary paperwork to get the tax-id's that will be needed to deal with the financial end of the shop. I want to do things right, so I need to find out the tax information for my state yet as it is necessary to collect the state tax for those who order from within my own home state. 

Even now I am finding it difficult to stay still long enough to finish this article. *sigh* I am not sure if it is all the stress that is going on right now or I am just anxious to get things done right and move on to the next phase. I have not given up on the dyeing of thread, I just need to build up an income so that I can purchase my own chemicals and threads without putting a burden on our already stressed household budget. I have a small budget for putting together some items that I can sell. Once I begin to sell some things, I hope to be able to expand what I have to offer. I just want to make sure that I can offer some very unique items that will please. I am also looking at offering some "pockets"  and "pouches"  for tatting accessories down the road. I have fabric already and may see about using some of the stuff mom can no longer use as well. This will depend upon my brothers as we get ready to sell her old place so that we can better take care of her needs.

I have put off getting into my day long enough. I guess that I need to let this entry be even though there are no pictures for you all to see. Hope you have a very good day and that the universe is kind to me when it comes to cleaning house and my tatting ideas.

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. (Though sometimes it would be nice to do so.) This has turned into my busiest month with non-tatting related stuff. There is getting things ready for my mothers move, one son getting ready to leave for basic training in the Air Force next week, and the other one getting ready to leave by the end of the month for Japan. He has finally gotten the dates for furniture pickup and flying out from the airport. Things should be firmed up for him in the next couple of days. 

I have tried to distract myself with some tatting but it is not working well. I have been reading and setting up my shop at Etsy. However, that is not ready for that thing called "opening day" yet. Right now all I have ready are just a few hat bands but I am thinking about some other attachments that go along with them. Right now I am not including beads in my work but will eventually work up designs with flash. I have been reading the blogs like crazy and the helps at Etsy trying to get things off to a good start from the beginning. I still need to spend time researching the state sales tax so that I can collect that from the beginning as well. 

Not only do I have the shop set up, sort of, I now have a Facebook page for my stuff. I have not yet added anything to either place so it would be very disappointing for you to travel there now. I do promise that I will make a major announcement when things are officially open. My goal is to get it open for business by the end of the month but as busy as everything is right now, I am afraid that I will not be able to do so. 

You all deserve a picture for your trouble so I will post a link to one of my website's tatting albums for your viewing pleasure today. 

Tatted Egg Album

Maybe I will eventually create some of these for sale as well. That is a thought and some of the other items may get looked at as well for possible sale-ability in the shop. I am looking seriously at the tatted pictures in my bathroom for possible listing in the shop. I may have to raid the dollar shop on a regular basis for frames for this project. And I will always be on the lookout for good picture bases that I can work up the various flowers and butterflies into.

Well that is all for now. Hope to get more tatting done this afternoon after my morning shopping for groceries.

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie