Saturday, April 28, 2012

HDT Experiment was successful

I want to thank one tatter on Facebook for giving me the process she uses for Hand Dyed Thread. Below is the result of some play:

I will start with the darker thread because it was the thread that I wanted to re-dye. It started this journey out as a sort of indigo blue color. I used Rit dye named Scarlet to add to the color. The result was this very pretty mauve color. I have since discovered that there are imperfections in the dye as it was bound too tight in a few places. Below is a closer look at the thread:

The final thread was the Scarlet with a little Evening Blue. It turned out lighter than the first but that may be a matter of leaving it in longer. So below is the close up of this thread;

So now I will be creating some new threads to play with. This was just a beginning experiment. I have found a metal clothes dryer rack that I can lay the thread out on to dry. I will also build a frame to wind the thread into skeins for easier storage. This will be so much fun.

Happy tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Question for other tatters.....

I am hoping to receive some response from other tatters on this one. If you know the answer to this then please leave a comment below.

I am looking for advise on this rose pictured here. I have the basics of this rose down in the tatting area. My question, however, is how do you shape the petals to look like the above picture. In the image above they use beads around the petals but I would like to have it without them. I have tatted this rose for myself several times but have yet to master the shaping of this item. 

This pattern can be found in the Japanese book entitled "Tatingu Friendly Race: Tatting Lace"  by Ondorisha. Now the translation of the title was provided by Amazon and Google so I am not sure it is totally correct. To give you a reference of the book I am talking about, here is a picture of the front cover:
If I can get this rose mastered, then I can add this element to my hatbands. It works up quickly and easily as a pattern goes. It is just the shaping that really throws me off. 

Just a quick check looks as if this book is no longer available though you might find it somewhere as a used book if you don't already have it.

Thanks if you can help.

Happy tatting.
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Friday, April 20, 2012

In my Absence.....

I wish to apologize to those who have followed my blog thus far. I have been recovering from last week's outpatient surgery but I have not had much time to post. We are on baby watch right now with a new grand daughter due any day now. So there is her older brother to try and help take care of to give mommy a bit or relief and let her rest as much as possible before little miss "Madison" makes her appearance in the world. At this point in her pregnancy, mommy can not wait for someone to decide to "come out to play" so she can finally get relief. Poor mom has been on bed rest for the last week and not allowed to go back to work until the baby is delivered. 

I did get good news from my surgery that the biopsy came back even clearer than the first time I had the procedure done. Not sure just how that happened but it is a wonderful blessing.

Now for my latest progress on the hat bands. I managed to finally get the outer rounds of the one hat band figured out. Below is a picture of both the final band and a close up to see what I did:

You should be able to click on the image to get the larger picture I uploaded to see it closer. This was inspired by some of the Japanese patterns I have seen where they take the central motif and surround it with "chain" tatting. This is rather plain but I may do another one that has more picots on the inner piece and the chain joins to them instead of just surrounding the motif.

I have another design in the works of simple rings (one shuttle tatting) that will be either two or three rows, depending upon what I decide. I may also have to work up some simple stuff such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces for the shop as well. 

Well, that is all I have for now.
Happy tatting.
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Friday, April 13, 2012

Some progress and ....

just a tad bit jealous. 

This is that time of year when I see the lists that I belong to get very quiet as people get ready to go to the various meetings around the country. Being here in the midwest, I don't have a lot of chances to go to the places where all the tatters hang out. I would love nothing more than to be able to meet so many of these other tatters that I have come to know via the internet. The only person I have met "live" in the past few years has been Mark Meyers because he lives in the next state over. We actually met in St. Louis which was half way between us. Maybe some year I will be able to go and see all the happenings in the tatting world. 

I have made some progress on the next hat band but have hit a bit of a stall. The basic pattern is shown below but I feel that it needs something more. The motif was a very simple one and fills around very well as you can see in the photo below.

The image below is a closer look at the pattern. I just need to build up the pattern on either side with something that would look really pretty. Just not sure yet what will work to make this wider.

I had started one pattern but really did not like the way it was turning out. So it is back to the drawing board with this one. I may lay it aside for a little while to let the pattern stew. Meanwhile, I will work on another new pattern. 

This week has been pretty rough for me. I had an out patient procedure on Tuesday and am finding it very hard to "wake-up" from the fog of the anesthesia. I feel much better today than I have all week but I am still hitting the wall of physical strength. I find myself having to take naps just to get through the day. It really does not help all that much that we will be having storms for the next three days. Seems I will be sleeping a lot this weekend. 

Well, thanks for reading. Hope your weekend will be more enjoyable than mine. I am going to try and get something else begun to show you next week.

Happy tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not much.....

Is getting done today! I have the new hatband well under way but I have spent the last 10 hours either in out patient surgery or recovering at home. I really want to wake up but I haven't the energy to do much. I am sorry that I have nothing yet to show you today. 

For those who want to ask, the surgery went well and the item in question was visibly clean of any unusual abnormalities. Now I just have to wait a week for the biopsy results.

Off to find the couch and may be attempt a motif or two this evening.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I finally finished that hat band that I had been working on. I did get it done in two days but I had some family business that I had to take care of, so the starching had to wait. Now that it is done, I have received many compliments on it once I put it on the hat.

This particular style fits perfectly  for this hat. I have several other ideas that I am already working on for the next one. Below is a close up of the finished piece.

The next few days I will be away from the computer. I am traveling south to go see my daughter at college. I am hoping to have some more pictures to post when I return. I already have another band foundation nearly complete. I will have two more rounds for the final band but we shall see just what I have done by my return. 

Even though I don't get comments, I appreciate everyone who visits and those who follow me. It is an encouragement to keep doing what I am doing. Thank you.

Happy Easter and Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy International Tatters Day!

I have been looking everywhere on the net for this poem but have not been able to find it. It was originated by Noelene Lafferty but added on to by many other tatters from a group called etatters. I humbly apologize if it is hosted somewhere else but I really want others to see this poem again:

Tatting In My Pocket
Noelene Lafferty, Tatters Guild of N.S.W., Australia, originator

The family has come to town
Unholy terrors of all size
But there's tatting in my pocket
Safe from prying hands and eyes.

The Doctor's running late today
I could be here all day
But there's tatting in my pocket
To while the time away.

The Christmas Tree's not finished
With the trimmings that we've got
But there's tatting in my pocket
A beaded star on top!

A birthday for Aunt Tessie -
A hanky is too plain.
But there's tatting in my pocket
Add a flower of ring and chain!

The diet now is working
I look better front and back
'Cause there's tatting in my pocket,
Far better than a snack.

Noelene's orig. text

I cannot work on bobbin lace
In the front seat of the car.
So I slip some tatting in my pocket
When I have to travel far.

Three hours in a meeting,
The discussion's deadly dull.
Without the tatting in my pocket
I'd be bored out of my skull

There's laundry, cooking, cleaning,
And some errands to be run.
But with the tatting in my pocket,
I'll never get it all done!

(3 from Tamara Duvall, USA)

The field is lit so brightly,
The crowd's a noisy throng,
But there's tatting in my pocket
And the band is marching on.

The ball is being dribbled down-court
as proud parents look fondly on,
But there's tatting in my pocket
unless the dribbler's my own son!

(2 from Pamela Kite, USA)

The boys are bouncing off the walls,
They're driving me insane.
But there's tatting in my pocket
my mind will soon be right again!

(from Julie in Lacey, USA)

The wedding veil is not yet made
The bride is in a tizzie
But there's tatting in my pocket
So my shuttle must get busy.

Using 80 is not easy
With help from feline friend
So my tatting's in my pocket
Till the cat goes out again!

A deckchair on the promenade
With sun and sand and sea
And there's tatting in my pocket
So I'll tat till time for tea.

A loaf of bread, a flask of wine,
A book of verse, and you..
Plus some tatting in my pocket
To make a dream come true!

(4 from Sally McGill, Malvern UK)

I walk back from the mailbox
dumping sand out of my shoe,
but with tatting in my pocket,
I'm not far away from you.

The internet has fast email,
I wait to hear from you,
Pulling tatting from my pocket,
I can tat until I do.

But Now the postman seems forever
driving over dunes,
He's picking up my package
with the tatting made for you,

And now its your turn, waiting
til my tatting comes to you,
But with Tatting in your pocket,
The Pleasure waits for YOU!

(4 from Donna Addis, USA)

e-tatters are a happy bunch
We love to chat awhile
And with tatting in our pockets
we can face life with a smile.

My precious child's been hurt today
The doctors buzz around -
But there's tatting in my pocket
So my blood pressure won't pound.

The laundry's in the washroom tub,
There's dishes in the sink
But there's tatting in my pocket
It all can wait, I think

If one in four is crazy
And the whole world is going mad
If you've tatting in your pocket
Then life can't be all that bad

The fire alarm has sounded
The residents all must flee
But there's tatting in my pocket
That's all I'll take with me!

Karey is so talented
She writes tatting books galore
And with tatting in my pocket
Now who could ask for any more!

The bus from school is due again
With toddler homeward bound
So there's tatting in my pocket
Until he's safe and sound

(more from Noelene)

The internet is slowing down
To log on takes so long,
But there's tatting in my pocket
So I'll wait and sing a song.

(from Bonnie L Atencio, USA)

Noelene's skill for rhyming,
clever verses of tatters and lace,
plus the tatting in my pocket,
keeps a smile on my face...

(from Nancy in Colorado, USA)

The company's moving down town,
Which is miles and miles away,
But with tatting in my pocket,
I'll tat the miles away.

(from Laurie Ann Cole - Mississauga, On Canada)

The kiddies are watching T.V.
Sceaming out to me their wants and needs.
But as long as I got tatting in my pocket,
I'm happy and pleased!

(from Bethann - Ms. Heart, Wisconsin, USA)

Football's on tv
DH loves it, I think it's kind of lame
But with tatting in my pocket
I can make it through the game!

After my allergy shots
For twenty minutes I must linger
But with tatting in my pocket
I've got happy fingers!

Customers are fussing
And agents are mad
But there's tatting in my pocket
And for that, I sure am glad!

I'll take it out at lunch
And when I get home, too
This tatting in my pocket
Helps me the day get through!

(4 from Katie Johnson in South Carolina, USA)

Back and forth on aeroplanes
Waiting round for travel bag
But there's tatting in my pocket
I don't suffer from jet lag!

Long full skirts are cumbersome
When I'm dressed like days of yore
But for the tatting in my pocket
An instant shelf's the score.

(2 more from Noelene)

We drove the route for hours,
The sights were all the same
But there was tatting in my pocket
And now I'm glad we came.

Our children make us welcome
Though we're strangers in their land.
But there's tatting in my pocket
And I'm content, strike up the band!

The trip back home is dreary
Here we go, just like before.
But there's tatting in my pocket
Hooray! It's not a bore.

Commuting on the airplane
The time drags on and on
But there's tatting in my pocket
And I, at least, am having fun.

(4 from Bonnie L. Atencio, USA)

Neighbor kids have money to spend,
My kids are asking for some too!
But all I have is tatting in my pocket,
So the kids are crying boo-hoo!

(from Bethann, Wisconsin, USA - Ms. Heart)

It's getting late, too dark to tat,
My husband wants to play :-)
So my tatting's in my pocket
It'll keep another day.

(from Sally McGill, Malvern, UK)

Writing poems is such fun
To think of while I tat
And now "Tatting in my Pocket"
Is part of tatter's chat!

(from Noelene)

DS has soccer today
Two games, back to back
But there's tatting in my pocket
Now I'm really glad of that!

(from Patricia Woolf, Demopolis, AL, USA)

I order on the internet
It gives more time for leisure
With tatting in my pocket
I'm getting much more pleasure.

(from Doreen in England)

The line is long for lutefisk
We'll have to sit and gab
But I've tatting in my pocket
And the time will not be drab

(from Jeanne Lugert)

The Packer's are losing,
and putting out feelers.
Wife got tatting in her pocket,
and always rooting for the Steeler's!

Packer's are making excuses,
But I don't care.
Wife with tatting in her pocket,
And I'm for the Bears!

(2 from Roger Laars - Mr. Heart, WI, USA)

Christmas time is looming fast
Shops have stuff on every shelf
But with tatting in my pocket
I can make it all myself!

It's great to hear from people
Who can tat, and email send.
'Cause with tatting in your pocket
At e-tatters you're a friend

(from Noelene)

Plenty profuse papers pending a grade.
Many a lesson plan to be made.
Tatting in my pocket keeps me sane.
With time for only two rings and a chain.

(Witt Wittmann, Lancaster, South Carolina)

To the Dentist today,
He doesn't use gas for dreaming.
But there's tatting in my pocket --
So that I won't run out screaming.

Waiting in the theatre
For the movie to begin,
There's tatting in my pocket,
Just till the lights come up again!

At the pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm,
The kids have a time that's grand.
But there's tatting in my pocket
Till I can go and wash my hands.

There sits all my housework,
For weeks, woefully neglected.
So there's tatting in my pocket,
Like a spoiled child, feeling rejected.

Nap-time for the students,
I should be writing without a sound.
But there's tatting in my pocket,
And I need only one more round!

There'll be time to write later
I'll just finish this, quick as a wink
But now I'll put my tatting in my pocket,
'Cause they're all watching -- they don't even blink!

It's time for "Arts and Crafts."
Guess what we're doing today?
There's tatting in my pocket,
And on the wall, a whole new display!

(7 from Lily)

The light is glaring overhead,
and now I lay and wait.
No tatting ----no pockets,
and I'm not feeling great.

But soon with doctor's magic
my innards he will fix,
and tatting in my pocket
will make recovery quick.

(2 from Petal)

My family's gathered 'round me,
The popcorn's on the tree.
There's tatting in my pocket,
I'm as happy as can be.

(from Bonnie L. Atencio)

It's Christmas time Downunder
With sun and surf and heat
And there's tatting in my pocket
For the gifts I must complete.

But the garden beckons constantly
With glades of fern and shade
So there's no tatting in my pocket
And the gifts just wont get made!

So when winter chills descend again
And I'm forced to stay indoors
Then tatting in my pocket
Will be better than the chores

Because this time I promise
Not to dawdle and delay
And keep tatting in my pocket
For gifts for Christmas day

There are tatters on the internet
They're not a dieing breed
They keep tatting in their pockets
To bring out in times of need.

There are tatters in Australia
I've been told the kangaroo
Has tatting in her pocket
But I don't believe that's true.

There are tatters in New Zealand
The Land of the Long White Cloud
They have tatting in their pockets
And a craft of which they're proud

There are tatters here in Cooma
Just a few of us about
But we have tatting in our pockets
And are proud to bring it out.

(more from Noelene)

I knew I shouldn't start it
But they all sang to me,
"You've got tatting in your pocket,
You'll be happy - wait and see."

And the floss twisted and knotted
As I un-strung it down to one, singing,
"I'll have tatting in my pocket,
I'll be happy - yes-sir-ee."

And the stitches wouldn't form
And the rings refused to close
But I had tatting in my pocket,
And my fingers never froze.

The joins all came unjoined,
The filaments split apart,
But I had tatting in my pocket,
And with it, a warm heart.

And the darn thing wouldn't lay right -
The threads kinked into knots.
"I have tatting in my pocket",
said I, though I was getting hot.

The day is calm and cheerful.
There's a big smile on my face.
"The tatting's in the garbage -
With this snowflake, the most apt place."

(6 from Mary in Utah)

A tatter from OHIO
states she'll tat until the end...
with tatting in her pockets,
and lots of cyber friends.

(from Petal)

The car wheels keep on turning
But when it finally stops
There's tatting in my pocket
To do in comfort stops

Some people go for Pringles
Some use a glasses case
But tatting in the pocket
Is a very handy place

A brand new baby's christening
An heirloom I can take
The tatting in my pocket
Will a bonnet hanky make

So when the baby's all grown up
And wedding bells do ring
The tatting in my pocket
Will be worth remembering

E-tatters are a mixture
of folk like me and you
But we've all tatting in our pockets
and a friendly outlook too

So if somebody grumbles
or perhaps can't take a jest
we all just grin and carry on
doing what we all do best

(more from Noelene)

e-tatters need a Swat team
Their problems to relieve
With tatting in their pockets
And their swatch upon their sleeve

They'd rush in, shuttles waving
To tatters in distress
Pull tatting from their pockets
And help clear up the mess

They'd finish ancient projects
Give talks and demonstrate
The tatting in their pockets
Could solve the tasks we hate

So here's a call, e-tatters
To join in all this fun
With tatting in your pockets -
Volunteers - not even one?

(more from Noelene)

Jeanette's hip is playing up now
A cane? I thought and laughed!
Instead of tatting in her pocket
She could store it in the shaft!

(Noelene, with inspiration by Jeanette Black)

Nordic's counting numbers
Of who likes which and what
We've tatting in our pockets
So we'll vote that to top spot

(Noelene - inspired by a Nordic Needle online survey)

I am a NATA tatter
My fingers never stop
With tatting in my pocket
I'll tat until I drop

I am a NATA tatter
With shuttles everywhere
If there's no tatting in my pocket
I can pick up anywhere

There's shuttles in the lounge room
There's shuttles in the hall
And two or three on the verandah
On the shelf upon the wall

There's shuttles in the bedroom
And in the kitchen too
Hang on, I think there's even
A shuttle in the 'loo!

(4 from Noelene after inspiration from NATA {Nuts About Tatting Assoc.})

I waited at my polling place
For nearly a full hour
But with tatting in my pocket
I had "Tatter Power"!

Butterflies on the wing
Flew right from my hands
The tatting in my pocket
Saved the day again!

Thanks to Bush and Gore
And this real close race
I have tatted butterflies in my pocket
To brighten someone's face!

(3 from Katie Johnson, South Carolina, USA on Election Day)

This house is full of 'spiders',
Lacemakers everywhere -
With tatting in our pockets
And now bobbins too, to share!

Hairpin looms all over,
Lacemaking books galore,
And the tatting in our pockets
Means we're always doing more!!

Rowan plays with his mum's shuttles
Pretends, he says, to tat,
He'll have tatting in his pocket soon,
I guarantee you that!

Rhiannon's a fast learner
Got the "flip" in half an hour,
And in her eight-year-old's pocket
Is a length of tatted flowers.

Briony is a dreamer
Looks at life from a fairy's angle
But the tatting in her pocket
Is one great big messy tangle!!

Dylan says he wants to learn,
He's left-handed though, it's true
And the tatting in his pocket
He finds very hard to do...

Hairpin, bobbin, Ruskin lace
I like to weave and spin
But the tatting in my pocket
Always makes the biggest grin!! :)

(7 from Tonia MacKenzie, Perth, Western Australia)

I'm really not a poet
But I will give a try
With tatting in my pocket
I'm sure the words will fly

The kids are off to school
There's coffee in my cup
With tatting in my pocket
I'll put my tooties up

The baby, he is sleeping
SHHHH, don't wake him up!
With the tatting in my pocket
I'll tat a little cup

The day is done
The family has retired
Pull the tatting from my pocket
And I will be inspired

Now I lay me down to sleep
I'll say my prayers just right
For the tatting in my pocket
I'll thank God every night

(5 from Kelly Mesey, Abilene, TX, USA)

It is a long read but well worth it to hear from friends again. So Happy International Tatting or Tatters day and keep that tatting in your pocket for all those times when you are just standing in line doing nothing!

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie