Thursday, November 1, 2012

House work continues....

We have just about got the house ready for the upcoming winter. We spent this last couple of months working on a "new roof", "new gutters", and finally a new top for the chimney. Much of the work was covered by insurance because of hail damage done two years ago to the roof. However, the chimney there is nothing but out of pocket cost for us. This is a matter of poor construction where they chose to just use the same material as the bricks were put together with for the cap. This allowed the cap to break down over the years and let the brick face get separated from the rest of the brick. This year we needed to get this done or it would start seriously falling down and we would be in much worse trouble than we are now. I am glad that once this is done we will not have to worry about this needing to be done again for quite a while.

I am in the process of trying to decide just what to do about this year's Christmas tree. I would like to get something just a bit bigger to fill the front window and give me more space to add new ornaments. I have many tatted snowflakes from years past that I really want to find space for as well as for some of my more antique items. I have begun searching for the snowflake patterns that I would want to work up. I will also look into designing more of my own flakes as well.

I had tatted some snowflakes previously that I added to my tree one year. For those of you who have visited my tatting albums on my main web page these will be repeats. The first tatted snowflake comes from the book "24 Julestjerner i Orkis" by Lene Bjorn. This book contains 24 tatted snowflakes which correspondes to every day from December 1st to just before Christmas.  This is sort of like an advent calendar for tatters. The other snowflakes come from other books which I will have to see if I can find the correct references for each one.

Well, the workers have left and all that the chimney needs to do is cure. I am so happy to have this part of the work done with.

Happy tatting

Arial - Tattered Faerie