Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year - new projects

About an hour after we got up.
Well the excitement is over for another year. All of the lights will come down after hubby's birthday  (We have to leave them up until the 5th of January for that reason alone.) Gotta love that man of mine. I have been undergoing physical therapy since just before Christmas. These last few visits have been really tough as she has been working on a muscle that needed a lot of loosening up. First few times she touched it I felt like there was a knife going deep into the muscle. This left my left leg aching for the rest of the day. With both of us working on it, the pain is slowly going away. This does explain why some of my yoga poses really did not turn out all that great.

So for the new projects this year, I plan on doing more of the tatted egg pieces that I do for the spring every year. (However, they have been known to end up on my Christmas tree from time to time as well.) I want to explore dyeing with more pastel like colors and maybe doing some kool-aide dyeing as I go along. At this point it is just an exploration of a thought since I have not yet done anything.

The house cleanup has really begun in earnest this year. I have no more distractions and unplanned intrusions as most of my family is settled elsewhere right now. I have not been able to do too much as I was told that I could no longer work "through" the pain as it was getting me into trouble with my back. So I have to work in short bursts and then sit for a while. Good thing there is the tatting to keep me occupied while I "have to sit down" and allow the pain to go away.

One hour later.
I do hope to do more with jewelry this year. I have quite a few pieces floating around in my head but that seems to be as far as they have gotten. I also plan on doing an Etsy shop this year for some of my pieces. It is time that my tatting habit start paying for itself and provide me with income to reinvest in new pieces of beading and threads. This will be a year of exploring the use of beads in tatting. I want to find the right balance between bead and thread so that the tatting does not get lost in what is done.

There is not much tatting in this entry but such is my life right now. I hope to have more as the weeks and days progress this year.

Hope your new year is filled with plenty of thread for tatting and family all around.

Happy Tatting!

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