Monday, January 14, 2013

Missed opportunity....

Have you ever had one of those days when you find something that you really want. You try to get it but then something happens and you can't get it. Well, I found a wonderful set of 13 detach-a-spool shuttles on eBay. However, someone is more willing to pay far higher than I for those shuttles. I find them a dream to work with. I hope that the person who wins the bid will treat them with kindness and use them every day. I had great plans for them in my mind with all of the projects that I have planned out for this coming year.

My house is very empty now with the kids in many different directions. My daughter has gone back to school for the semester  My middle son is finally re-united with his family at their first duty stating in Nebraska. The oldest son has been gone since summer to Japan with his wonderful family. So the house contains just me and my hubby now.

Gone is my excuse to put off cleaning up the house because no one is there to interrupt. I am planning on learning some new things this year in tatting. I want to extend my tatting skills by adding beads to my work. There will be beads on the picots first and some sewn on in various locations to begin with. After I am comfortable with that I will slowly begin adding simple beads to the tatted part of my work. I have always been reluctant to load my threads with beads as some seem to do. As beautiful as their work is, the tatting gets lost in all of the bead work done. I want to take the time to make sure that the balance between bead and tatting works for me before I call it done.

So with my physical therapy out of the way until Thursday, here I go jumping into cleaning the house and finding my corner for doing my tatting in again. Oh, I do want to find a warmer corner to do it in for a while. The chair by the front window has become way too cold with the winter chill that is around here right now. I am afraid that if I bundle up I would really lose my stuff in my wrappings. LOL

Well that is all from me for now.

Happy Tatting

Arial - the Tattered Faerie