Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fair Wins!

Today turned into a lovely day to go to the fair. Our state fair has the reputation of the fair being either too hot or too wet this time of year. But for this year we have had wonderful weather for the fair. Today's temperature was just right for being out and about. I will take this wonderful weather over the weather we had all last week of nothing but rain and high humidity.

I promised pictures of my fair entries with ribbons. I will tell you right now that one of the pictures does not do the entry justice.

So we will start with the White Ribbon winner:

This is a picture using natural leaves in the background but tatted violets and pansies from one of my books. Also there is a tiny butterfly in the upper portion. I will have to look up the specific book or hopefully I will be able to find it soon. :( You may or may not be able to see that the ribbon states that it is a third place ribbon.

Moving on to the next pieces:

These are the same Christmas ornaments that I posted HERE around Christmas time. If you would like to see them closer, then please follow that link.The ribbon here is the Blue Ribbon for a first place ribbon for these items.

And the final piece:

This doily is one that I have done in two or three different sizes. The size of this particular one is about 9 inches in diameter. This particular piece has both the Blue First Place ribbon and the Purple Ribbon which stands for Best of Division. I will try to look up the specific pattern for this doily and try to post a much better picture once I get them back home.

This is all that I have for now. I am very tired from my adventures today.

Happy Tatting

Arial - The Tattered Faerie