Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally finished!

I am finally finished with my major project for next weekend. I have finished a total of 112 tea roses using Ruth's pattern found Here. I ended up modifying the leaf portion of the pattern to just simple rings using one shuttle verses using the shuttle and ball with rings and chains. With that one change, the leaves worked up much quicker so that I could get the work done and ready for someone else to work with before Saturday.

The picture above is when I managed to get all of the roses strung on the pin stems that I made.

The above picture here is when I got all of the roses wrapped up and the thread left to bind it. 

This last picture is all of the roses with the green leaves attached and the florist tape wrapped around the stems. No matter how much I do this part, it is the worst part for me as my fingers end up very, very sticky from having to stretch the tape to activate the adhesive. 

I realized that after doing this I should have made my first picture of all of the rose bases without the stem pins. Would have made a better progression. It took several weeks for me to do the individual roses but it was less than 5 days for me to get everything together and assembled. 

My next project will be to design a necklace using fall colors including (gasp) beads. The gasp is because I have done very little work up until now using beads. For as long as I have been tatting, I have admired those who are able to tat with beads without thinking about it. I have done beads using the "over the picot join" to attach them. I may do so with this one again. However, I am also going to use some jump rings to attach both the dangle beads and chains. Will post more on this later when I get it done.

BTW; The pictures above were taken with my Samsung Galaxy tablet. I really love this thing.

Until next time.

Happy tatting!
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