Friday, September 28, 2012

Designing a necklace

Designing a necklace may not seem all that hard but it can be when your mind has too many thoughts to settle on just one! Last night things started to gel just in time for bed. I hate it when the good ideas flow right before I really need to settle down for the night. I lay in bed trying to turn my designs off and let them travel into my dreams. The mind tends to race where it will and after much difficulty I finally managed to convince myself that sleep would help make the design better in the long run. It also helps to have some practice with meditation so I could clear my mind enough to sleep.

Above is the final result of the all day process of designing the necklace. The thread is size 80 Lizbeth thread. The color way is Autumn Leaves. It is more the orange, yellow and read that is not really represented well in the picture above. I began with a "rose" design center similar to the one found in the book "24 Julestjerner i Orkis" by Lene Bjorn. The center is based on the 3 December snowflake. I added the last round of my own design to fill out the rest of the medallion. 

This is the last piece that I needed to design for tomorrows gathering at the church. I had hoped to make one other item but I just ran out of time. So now my piece is drying and should be ready by the time I leave for tomorrow's activity. 

This post actually took two days to complete. I began the first part just before bed last night but from the picture down was written on the second day. The one thing I love about my tablet is that I can begin my blog post without having my computer up. Blogger will allow me to save the first part as a draft so that I can come back to it and complete it for publication later. 

With that I will bid you all "good night" and go to my nightly rest because tomorrow will be a very busy day (at least in the morning hours). Then it will be back to designing and working up new patterns for myself. I also hope to get back to dyeing threads and more posts than have been happening recently. Thank you for sticking with me while I was other wise occupied with this last big project.

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