Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little to post right now....

I am sorry that I have not had stuff for you to read lately. Since getting my Galaxy Tablet, I had hoped that I would be able to post a little more often but alas it is not to be right now. I am really busy with tatting nearly 200 tea roses for an upcoming event in late September. 

I am still getting used to the attached keyboard which lets me type faster than if I were hunting and pecking on the screen.

I am managing on getting about 8 to 10 base patterns tatted a day. I hope to have them done as soon as possible so that I can get back to creating the tatting pockets that I talked about in an earlier post. I have also come up with some ideas for pendants that I can list in a shop I want to create on Etsy. It really is too bad that I have so many ideas and not enough time to do everything that I really want to do.

On the bright side, I am now a grand mother for the 6th time.

This lovely little lady is Miss Rebecca Erin. It was really funny to announce her birth as my son and his wife are stationed in Okinawa Japan. She was technically born on Friday, August 31, but I got to announce her birth about 2 in the afternoon on Thursday to some friends. Had to explain how that was possible since they are on the other side of the date line from us.

Well I guess that I will post this and get back to my roses.

Happy tatting

Arial - Tatting Faerie.