Thursday, October 18, 2012

Been a long time...

Here I sit waiting for my back to quit complaining at me. The reason for this is I am working on cleaning up my house. For years I have let things get out of control just so that I could see to my family's needs. Now that there are only two in the house, I have much more time to actually work on cleaning up my living space. I am in a quandary though. I really don't know my decorating "style". You know, that thing that gives a theme to your home. Right now I am faced with leftovers and also a mixture of new stuff too. My living room for example is somewhere in the 70's as far as the paint and wall goes. My furniture is a warm chocolate brown with high wing backs. I want to paint my walls brown and figure out what sort of carpet I would like that is NOT just a shade lighter than the furniture.

My office was once a bedroom with bunk beds in it for the boys. Both boys are now grown and married with families of their own. The top bunk is long gone but the frame remains. It is time for me to clear it out and all of the junk that is now in there sitting around in stacks. Now I am not saying that I am a hoarder but there are many things setting around that I just plain need to give up. As far as what I want in there to replace it, I have a beautiful secretarial desk that I want to build the room around. It is a dark wood piece but then I have decided that I really like dark woods. I have not yet decided on the colors and floor. I am happy that I found Pinterest because it allows me to dream and imagine what a room would be like with the right stuff. Right now I have decided that besides the desk will be a couch/bed but not the fold out kind. I have my eye on  one from Walmart that is black pleather (plastic that looks like leather). It will sit like a couch until needed and then can be folded down to a full bed if needed. This room is the place where I hope to not only design and work on my tatting but also work on my computer graphic arts. I want it to be warm and inviting so that I can be inspired to create new and beautiful lace and pictures.

The rest of the house is also in much of the same shape though I have managed to keep the food confined and put up in the kitchen. I do not believe in letting food sit around without being cleaned up. Yes, I will leave dishes in the sink but the food is taken care of first and for most because it would really smell if I didn't. That is one reason I will not watch a program about hoarders. I just can't understand why someone would let the food set around and build up and invite the bugs and creepy crawlies in to the house. If you are one, I am sorry if I offend you but I find it hard to see why someone would not at least take care of the food issue.

Enough of my journey back to a clean house. This will be a long time journey but I hope to also get back to creating tatting and doing some of my other favorite activities such as 3D graphics. I am going to try hard to have my next entry to be more about tatting. That is, after all, just why you have elected to follow this blog.

Happy tatting
Arial - The Tattered Faerie