Friday, May 17, 2013

Busy days!

I have been too long away from my blogging. I do have some pictures to share with you all. I believe that the last time I wrote I shared that I was working on a special project for our annual fall ladies gathering at church. As of today I am up to 76  motifs. The jar that I started keeping them in is now half way full of these motifs. I plan on getting them all done and then attaching ribbon to each to form a bookmark.

I took a break at 50 motifs and tatted a cross using the modified pattern from Mary Konior's Visual Tatting Patterns "Black Magic". You can find the modified pattern HERE.

I also tried out a pattern called "Thank You Carnation" by Tammy Rogers that can be found HERE.  I have temporarily attached it to my straw fedora until I can put together the pin backing for this item.

We also have a new member of the family at our house as of a couple of weeks ago. She is called "Baby Girl" for now and is settling in nicely to our home. The first couple of days she spent in hiding because that was what she was used to in my son's home. Seems she really didn't like the little ones so spent much of her day in hiding and then coming out at night. She is finally out during the day and up in our laps when we sit down. She is a tabby / calico mix  because of the markings that are tabby and several color spots like a calico. She loves to climb on things and is now very loving and affectionate. I do find that if anyone else is around she tends to avoid my lap in favor of someone else.

We have spent the last few months travelling on the weekends to visit my son & his family in Nebraska. Celebrated birhdays and holidays. I have gone to local meetings with other groups, one in Sedalia that meets every Monday and one in Versilles which meets once a month. I only go once a month to Sedalia because it is over an hours travel from my home. I am looking forward to a visit from my other son & his family as they have been stationed in Japan since August. I have a grand daughter who I am anxious to meet for the first time since she was born last September.

I had almost forgotten how much trouble this blog can be. I can create the content on my tablet but I have to go onto the computer itself in order to set up the layout. The blog app will load the necessary pictures but they seem to be added to the end instead of where I want them to appear.  So I end this blog knowing that I will just have to re-edit a little later before publishing. (Now that editing is done, it is published. )

Happy tatting

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