Friday, May 24, 2013

Summertime Brings Hats. . .

I was wandering through some of my pictures today. I found several of my hatband pictures that I had done over the last few years. The white band was the very first one that I had done. It came from the Mary Konior's Visual Tatting Patterns "Black Magic" pattern.  I had worn it several places shortly after I made it. Almost got the hat grabbed off my head a couple of times. I had one waiter actually comment that he would have liked to have one as well.

The next two motifs were from a couple of my Japanese pattern books. The first one has now been moved to my newest white fedora which is actually formed from eyelet lace fabric. I will have to get a picture of this one sometime. 

The next one still resides on my straw fedora and I really like the way the black sets off the straw color. I have received more compliments on this hat or any one of the hatbands when I wear them.

The last hat band I did from a narrow band pattern but it seems to really get lost on the hat. I will have to explore with some other patterns to see if I can add something to it to make it stand out. 

I put up a recent picture of the straw hat with the third band and a purple carnation that is tatted as well. I am currently working on a black one for now to see if that would look better. Something about mixing color with the black on the hat seems not to set well. I may do a second or third one as well just to see how they look in a group. I may also order some colored threads to create some colored hatbands this summer. I may also try to find another white hat to dye just to have another color hat besides tan, black and white.

Happy tatting

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