Monday, June 22, 2015

Why is my mind racing at this hour?

Did you ever try to get settled down for the night but fail miserably because your mind is racing? That is me tonight. I started the evening just trying to figure out what I needed to do to make the shuttles better for the next batch. That was simple enough but then the brain became awake and took over the thought process. I am a Pisces which means I am hard to pin down, mysterious and elusive. Being very sensitive about what I put out before others, I tend to go over all scenarios in my head before letting go. Guess this is why I tend to get so involved in my brain before letting it out into the world.

That first paragraph often happens to me of an evening. For whatever reason my mind seems to take off with things I have been thinking about at night when I should be getting ready for bed. This causes me to be up later than I intend as I am super charged with ideas and concepts of things I want to do. Where this is at during the daylight hours is sometimes beyond me. What started the roll when I was looking at all of my pins on Pinterest. I needed a way to better organize all of my design ideas and inspirations to work them out as I get the time. I had been thinking about setting up an album of the images so I could select something to work on and develop sketches from. I have many items that I really want to work on before I do any more shows. But my brain gets on a roll and thinks way too far ahead for me to process it all. I have been searching for a way to deal with printing my boards to a PDF. However, there is a limitation to all the suggestions: it will only do the first 6 or last 6 pages leaving everything else blank if you have a large board to deal with. Printing to a PDF after loading the whole page does not work, selecting and copying does not work, in short just about everything I try to do does not work to save the board to paper. So I will go on looking at my boards and wonder just how best to save things and use them in my designing process. (I may just have to save them one image at a time.)

I have recently begun to think long term with my shuttles. I am still exploring options for thread winders but I am blessed to have a hubby who indulges me when I am thinking. He is a trained engineer which means I need to keep him from over thinking things once in a while. Something I see as simple can get complicated quickly when he applies engineering to it. I do sometime have to fight really hard to get him to see the simplicity of what I am trying to do. He will then finally get it. Gotta love him for trying sometimes. But I am wondering if some of the images that I have chosen are not appealing to others. I will have to rethink the images that I am putting on the shuttles so that they will be attractive to others besides myself. I believe that I have finally worked out the issue with the finish of the shuttle. I am just hoping that the next round is more durable and dryer than the first batch that went out. Sometimes it is a learning process as to what will work best when trying something new.

The next round of shuttles are well underway when it comes to sanding them in preparation for the images. Images are available but not finalized as I need to re-look at what people were drawn to the list time out. I guess it is hard to predict what will draw people's attention and what they will select. It is just so hard to decide what the market will bring when I put things out there. 

Well, just like last night my mind is racing a mile a minute once again. Sorry there are no pictures today but I hope you have a happy one.

Happy Tatting

Arial - The Tattered Faerie