Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Year's TIAS 2013

With me wanting to do different things this year, I have decided to  take part in Jane's TIAS 2013 challenge. The link takes you to the introductory page but the links to the documents are found in the left column of her page.

I have also been looking at doing some bead work for the first time this year. I will be looking on "youtube"for the appropriate videoes that will teach me how to do it properly. Not yet sure when I will start loading my shuttles  with beads to do the work but it will be one step at a time.

This has been another busy week and this is the first day that I have actually had time to sit down and play a bit. I joined a seed bead group on facebook that I hope to help me learn bead work much better.  This will be the year when I will take steps to begin working on different types of jewelry to sell. I know that I will not make a fortune with my work but I would like to make enough to just fun the things that I play around with.

For the moment, my containers that have my tatted eggs in them are eluding me. So I will have to spend some time looking for the ones that I have already created so that I can add new ones to them this year. I do plan on dyeing more threads to see if I can get some unique colors going for these projects. As much as I love the thread colors that are available, they sometimes have colors that I don't want mixed in with the color combinations that I do want. I am not sure that I will be able to achieve the pastel colors that I want but that will take some experimentation before I can get the colors I want.

The living room is starting to look much better as I have put away Christmas things and begun to clean up the clutter that is my house. I think that the next place I will work on will be my office since I really need to have a better place to do all the projects that I am planning on playing with in the coming year. Eventually there will be newly painted walls around the house but those will have to wait until it is not so cold outside and I can open the house to paint. It is really bad that we have not done much on the house in the 20 years that we have owned it. Last year we replaced the roof (which had 3 layers of tile in a few places) and redid the chimney so that we could use it this year. It was starting to show signs of toppling towards the top and some of the brick face was beginning to pop off. I feel much better about having the outside work done to fix up the house. This year I will begin by working on the interior to bring it up to date and fixed.

Well, I need to close this out and get on with my day.

Happy Tatting

Arial - the Tattered Faerie