Thursday, January 24, 2013

TIAS 2013 Day 5

We are back with another day of TIAS 2013 .  If you follow along with Jane's blog you will see some very creative guesses for what the object will be when we are done tatting.  Here is my latest entry to that group:

Generally I begin working on my blog entries on my  Samsung Galaxy Tab in the blogger app. However, I always have to return to  my computer to add my piture in the right place and even import it into my blog. I did find a way around the picture thing but it still means I have to take extra steps to get this blog fixed up right. It is interesting to note that I will have to go back to working directly with HTML in order to get this to look right on my tablet so I can get it up on my blog as I would like to see it. Gotta love modern technology. It is a really good thing that I am a programmer by training and can deal with this.

Happy Tatting!

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