Monday, October 20, 2014

Holiday Tatting?

With Elaine having to put her latest books on hold (not cool to switch app content on her app developers), I have decided to work on my holiday tatting earlier than planned.  I have ordered the requisite balls of tatting threads pictured here:
DMC Cordonnet Special Size 30 Ecru
DMC Cordonnet Special Size 30 Ecru

I hope to work through "24 Snowflakes in Tatting" this year to add to my tree. I have been toying with the idea that I might try some watercolor type dying this year. The colors are to be softly muted and more along the pastel side to be applied to the snowflake once it is done. I also hope to put a light layer of "glitter" while stiffening the ornaments to get the sparkly look of snow. I know now that there will be NO WAY for me to get a decent picture of the finished product where the glitter shines.  With that said I will just have to try. I already finished up about a dozen of my new icicle pattern to hang all over my tree. I am trying to get more lace on my tree this year to get a more Victorian feel.

I want to go to the second hand shops here in town or even the dollar store to find some bits and bobs that I can encorporate into my tatted tree pieces. There is a vision of how I would like things to look in my head but I don't know if I will totally achieve that vision. I hope to come close.

I am please to announce that I will make it to the 14th Annual Tatting Days in Greenfield Indiana. This is the only major conference that I have made it to. I am excited to learn how to do more of the latest techniques from the great line up of teachers there. I have my ride lined up, my roommate is assigned and registration fee has been paid for all three days. I am so excited that hubby found the extra money that will let me attend this year. (It also helps that the kids are now just about out of the house and living on their own.) I have plenty of time to make some arrangements to take care of my health needs while I am out of town. Being that this is my first official conference, I am not sure what I need to take with me. Leave any comments below as to what someone who has gone would take with them.

My mind is racing again as I look over the books that I don't have and what I would like to pick up. After playing with Kaye's Blue Bird pattern, I would like to pick up books on flowers such as "Exotic Range of Tatted Flowers" (yet I am not sure that this particular book is available any more but then there is always the CD) and the Houtz's brothers book "Baubles, Bugs and Blossoms". This would definitely add to my range of things I can tat. I am also looking at many of the new jewelry items coming out in some of the latest books. I really admire the Japanese publications as they have simple yet eligant designs. The closes I have come to tatting in 3d is the simple rose pattern that is available "here".

Guess I had better get on with looking for the patterns to use on my tree and get this blog published.

Happy Tatting

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