Friday, October 24, 2014

Snowflakes , Odds & Ends

I am currently working on the book "24 Snowflakes in Tatting". At this point I have only gotten a couple of them tatted. The pictures below are the first stage of the process. I will tat one or two extra to test out how to do the watercolor dying and how much or how little color to use to tint the threads. I will need to figure out just how to set the color so that I can starch it while also adding glitter. I am thinking of a light pastel coloring because this is snow afterall and I just don't want strong color in the flakes. I will post later as to how I accomplish the color wash to make it look just how I want. I am thinking that by dying after I tat the flakes I can do some sort of gradient going from white fading into a light color. This would be different from dying the thread before because I can block the color on the piece rather than having random color from the thread interaction. My mind works in funny ways to think things through. If this works then I might just do something similar to tatted ball ornaments in future years.

Day One of December (24 Snowflakes in Tatting)
Day Two of December (24 Snowflakes in Tatting)

I may also play around in the future with "spray" dying as is done on t-shirts and other cotton objects. It will be interesting to see if I actually do follow through with the ideas that are flowing from my brain. I tend to go about light speed in thinking up things while actually doing is only a small portion of the ideas that I come up with if at all.

I think that I should also plan on working on a "Blog Calendar" for next year. I need to remember to create and publish new blogs to keep myself more organized with my tatting adventures. I hope to have some interesting pictures and experiences from my trip to Tatting Days in Greenfield for the the next blog post. 

Guess that this is all for today's post, time for supper as no one else will cook it but me. 

Happy Tatting

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