Friday, October 10, 2014

Busy summer, flights, and testing

This post will not be an apology for not writing recently. I was out living life, readjusting to new realities in life and testing new patterns for friends.

Coral Reef Display at Okinawa World
As far as re-adjusting to new realities, I have been officially diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroditus. This means that my body is slowly killing off my thyroid with antibodies. This required me to really rethink everything that I was doing right and wrong. I did find a wonderful doctor who actually encouraged me that I was going down the right path with my new eating patterns, health suppliments and gaining information on my disease. It is really refreshing to be told that it is not all in my mind and I should just get over it. I have come to accept that this is a way of life and will effect how I go out into life from now on. Yes, I have to be more picky about what I eat and how often I rest. This is all a part of managing and reducing stress in my life. I am still working on my diet and adding more exercise to reduce my weight. Some days I win and some I don't. So if I disappear, don't worry, I'm de-stressing. :D

My granddaughter with pure joy in the fountain
Hubby taking pics of the rocks in the bay.
Some may already know who follow me on Facebook that I took a two week trip with my husband to Japan. Specifically going to Okinawa to visit with my son and his family. We had a lot of fun but the flights to get there and back were long. I tried to prepare myself before the flights to make sure that I had enough rest and plenty of hydration to make it through without getting major setbacks with my health. I was able to find plenty of good food to eat while there. I found I really love "Teppanyaki" cooking because of the way it allows me to control the amount of sauces I use on the meats. We had a very exciting journey as we visited with our son and family. There was a trip taken to Ocean World, Okinawa village and just shopping around the city. The most exciting aspect of this trip was being required to shelter in place while a typhoon came within 125 nautical miles of the island to the west. Of course this did cancel part of our plans but we coped and I got extra tatting time while watching movies.

Sunset Beach American City Okinawa
When we did get out, we went to a 5 story hobby store near by. It was fun going from floor to floor to see all the things they like to do there in Japan. I came back with 4 new books, half a dozen shuttles, a new hook, and several balls of thread. It was interesting to try to think in another currency when paying for these items.  It really is something that we rarely ever think of until we do go somewhere and immerse ourselves into another culture.

The clouds over the US at 35000 feet
The trip home was uneventful, but that was when everything caught up to me in a big way. I spent the next few weeks recovering from extreem stress and exhaustion. Fortunately it was still summer and I could take the time I needed to recover. I was very careful with my diet and got plenty of extra rest because I was totally wiped out energy wise. I was hoping that I would really have escaped going through the trouble I went through after getting back home. Bless my husband who really put up with this major energy drain. It took a couple more weeks just to get to a point where I could somewhat function and then continue to make progress back to health.

A funny little custard in an egg container.
Container is now a thread holder. :D
These are the items I bought in Okinawa.

Thread I got while there. Various sizes
of Olympia threads
And I can't forget my new pattern books.
All in Japanese but great illustrations.

I have plans for more but this is all for today. Next post will highlight some testing that I have been doing along with a recent trip to St. Louis.

Happy Tatting

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