Saturday, April 28, 2012

HDT Experiment was successful

I want to thank one tatter on Facebook for giving me the process she uses for Hand Dyed Thread. Below is the result of some play:

I will start with the darker thread because it was the thread that I wanted to re-dye. It started this journey out as a sort of indigo blue color. I used Rit dye named Scarlet to add to the color. The result was this very pretty mauve color. I have since discovered that there are imperfections in the dye as it was bound too tight in a few places. Below is a closer look at the thread:

The final thread was the Scarlet with a little Evening Blue. It turned out lighter than the first but that may be a matter of leaving it in longer. So below is the close up of this thread;

So now I will be creating some new threads to play with. This was just a beginning experiment. I have found a metal clothes dryer rack that I can lay the thread out on to dry. I will also build a frame to wind the thread into skeins for easier storage. This will be so much fun.

Happy tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie