Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beginning of Adventure.....

I have been a tatter for many years. I first learned to tat using the needle kit purchased by myself and my mother on a trip to Branson MO. We had gone together to Silver Dollar City to have a fun day of wandering through the old time crafts. One of the shops specialized in lace and cross stitch. We each purchased a kit and took them home to learn. My poor mother could not really figure out how the patterns were to work just using the thread and needle. However, I found a new love in that needle and the lace that came off of it.
That was the beginning of my adventures with the art of tatting. Shortly after I started tatting with those needles, I attempted working with a shuttle. The worst part of switching from one to the other was the "flip" of the loop from your working thread to the other thread. Back when I was working, I was playing with my shuttles trying to get the flip one day. This was between meetings as a state conference. Someone who knew how to tat came up to me and commented that she could help me get the flip and took the time to show me how it was done. Bless her heart because I wish to this day that I could remember her name and show her just how far I have come from those days of struggling with that flip.
I have a website with a lot of my tatted projects in a photo album. is the main page of the site and there is a link or two for my album pages to be found there. For those of you who visit you will see many other things that are there besides my tatting.
My current project is to work on many, many Tea Roses for a Ladies Day activity at my church this coming fall. These Roses are actually very simple to do and the pattern by Ruth Perry can be found at Tat-Calendar . Here is a picture of what I have done so far:
That is just a quick picture with my cell phone but any future pictures will be done with my very fancy camera and much better lighting.
If you are a tatter, let me know what you are working on. I would love to hear what others are doing.