Saturday, February 25, 2012

Family Saturday.....

I have spent much of the morning just trying to sit down and write this post. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men (women, too) often go awry. Yes the post is mostly written before I even sit down at the computer but the issue today is getting to sit down. Saturday is the time when when my number two son comes over and does their laundry for the week while mom is working. So grandma gets to visit with the little one while daddy is busy. (Not much else gets done on a day like today.) Here is my favorite photo of him trying to act all big. You would never know that he is still less than a year old. 

I did manage to get many more of my saved web pages into document format for processing to read on my tablet. I was amazed while processing them at how many pages are no longer available to the internet community any more. It is such a shame that so many patterns have been lost to everyone over time and who knows how many more that I have not seen have been lost. I will have to work up some samples to share with everyone as I go through them, though it might keep me busy tatting from now until eternity. 

To finish this I wanted to show you my continuing Tea Rose project progress. I am able to do one or two roses while I am watching shows in the evening. So here is what I have so far:

Yes, that is only seven roses but that is really doing good for me. The container that they are in is really a gift card box in the shape of a book that I picked up from Barnes & Noble. I actually bought another one for one of my daughter-in-laws for Christmas and got the idea that this would be good to hold projects in. (Yeah, I know that it will not hold the number of roses that I will need for this fall but it is a place to start.) So the front cover the the book box is shown below:

Oh, so that  you know, the inside of the box is a pale purple color but the flash on my good camera just washed out the color. I really need to get a directional flash for indirect lighting when I take shots like this. 

Hope you all get to spend time with family. Gotta go see what the little fella is up to now. 

Happy tatting
Arial - tatting faerie