Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings....

For the last couple of hours I have completely drawn a blank on what to write. I just can't seem to wake up this morning. When I sat down I knew just what I wanted to write about but then my brain decided to draw a blank and leave me with nothing. Then all of a sudden I seem to have woken up. Guess my tea is not working yet this morning. *sigh*

What I started to write about today was getting inspiration from antique patterns for other combinations. I was looking through my books yesterday for ideas that I could use on Easter eggs this year. I got to looking at "tatted edging" patterns and began to see some good possibilities. It is not the edging itself but what it inspires us to do. Simple edging can make lovely tatted cases for eggs as in this item I did some time ago.

This particular casing uses a split ring center with two medallions threaded together. The pattern is published in Georgia Seitz book "Tatting Online" which I believe is still available. (No I don't get royalties from this. Just the fact I have a published pattern out there.)

So today I will play with edgings to see which would look best on an egg and what sort of shapes that I can come up with. I may actually put out some of the patterns that I come up with during this "play" period. 

Tell me how you use patterns in different ways from how they were originally designed. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie