Friday, June 22, 2012

Things came up.....

I am so sorry that I was unable to publish the names of the winners of the books yesterday. My daughter-in-law had severe issues with her dental appointment yesterday where it took far longer than we thought. So a huge chunk of my time was spent watching grandbabies yesterday. Today I am trying to get in touch with all of the winners. Just as soon as they are notified I will update this post with their names. 

I do have to ask here for the person who goes by the name "StringyDogs" to email me at arialgr at gmail dot com. I really have no way to get in touch with you otherwise. If you could please up date your profile with an email then it would be much simpler for people to get in contact with you. It would be easy to create an address at gmail using your "StringyDogs" name if you still want to remain anonymous to the outside world.

Sorry to tatting images today. Not much gets done when I am with the two little ones as they are both under 2 and need lots of attention right now.

Happy tatting

Arial - Tatting Faerie