Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Winners Announced......

I apologize for not posting this sooner. I have been busy over the past several days dealing with family issues that have come up over the last several days. More on that later.

The winner is Wally Sosa. She has graciously sent me her published pattern books in exchange for this item. You can find her items for sale in her Etsy shop here.

The winner for this book is Annie Rutherford. She will be putting together some items from New Zealand along with some tatting stuff in exchange for this book.

The winner for this book is Jeanne Lugert. She has shown me an interesting photo of some tatting supplies that she is putting together as her exchange for this book. 

The final winner for this book is Linda Reiff. I have not heard what she is putting together but I am looking forward to seeing it.

My excuses for not sending things out sooner are very family related. The weekend began with us moving Mother into her new living arrangement. We have very interesting conversations everytime that we take her back to her new apartment. My Monday morning started out very early as we needed to travel to Scott AFB to pickup my son and his family to take them to the St. Louis airport for the beginning of their 4 year adventure in Okinawa Japan for the Air Force. This is my son's second trip there but this time he has a family along to make him get off base more. In the process of taking him, we drove home with their two cars which now belong to his siblings. (or at least will once they are paid for.)

I have managed to get back to some tatting but it is something that I can not share yet as I have picked up a test tatting project. More details will be published once the book has come out. In the process of tatting this piece. I have used some of the "fiesta" threads that I hand dyed and dyed up some varigated "Kelly green" threads. I really can't wait to share pictures of what I have done. You will just have to imagine until I can. I am continuing to work on simple projects to build some products for my soon to be Etsy store.

Happy tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie

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  1. Thank you Arial, your tatting related items will be shipped priority mail. They will be picked up here at work by the mailman tomorrow ~ friday, so you should have them very soon.