Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Journeys beginning....

Well, yesterday was a very long and busy day as we sent my middle child off to basic training in the Air Force. I have pictures of the occasion but they will be posted to my Facebook page when I get them off the camera and processed. 

I must admit that I have not been doing a lot of tatting in the past few weeks. I have not been too idle though as I have been trying to decide some other things to sell in my Etsy shop. I don't just want to sell hatbands as I would not get many sales that way. I always dive into things in a big way but then tend to fizzle out. I am just hoping that by varying what I do I can keep my interest going much longer. Also by keeping this blog, I hope others will keep me  encouraged and accountable in getting on with the shop. I have done a lot of research on opening the shop. I have gathered all the "helpful" information that they have to offer. I will be filling out the necessary paperwork to get the tax-id's that will be needed to deal with the financial end of the shop. I want to do things right, so I need to find out the tax information for my state yet as it is necessary to collect the state tax for those who order from within my own home state. 

Even now I am finding it difficult to stay still long enough to finish this article. *sigh* I am not sure if it is all the stress that is going on right now or I am just anxious to get things done right and move on to the next phase. I have not given up on the dyeing of thread, I just need to build up an income so that I can purchase my own chemicals and threads without putting a burden on our already stressed household budget. I have a small budget for putting together some items that I can sell. Once I begin to sell some things, I hope to be able to expand what I have to offer. I just want to make sure that I can offer some very unique items that will please. I am also looking at offering some "pockets"  and "pouches"  for tatting accessories down the road. I have fabric already and may see about using some of the stuff mom can no longer use as well. This will depend upon my brothers as we get ready to sell her old place so that we can better take care of her needs.

I have put off getting into my day long enough. I guess that I need to let this entry be even though there are no pictures for you all to see. Hope you have a very good day and that the universe is kind to me when it comes to cleaning house and my tatting ideas.

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie