Monday, July 23, 2012

A bit disappointed.....

As you may remember a few posts ago, I gave away 4 books for an exchange of tatting supplies or what not. Here is the post where I mentioned the winners. I received wonderful gifts from two of the recipients but have yet to receive anything from the other two. I am hoping that it is just a matter of being delayed in either mailing the package or just a delay along its journey to my home. I will not name the ones responsible as that would be too much of an embarrassment for them and I am NOT into embarrassing anyone. The ones who sent items in response and have already privately received grateful reply from me know just how happy I am with what they sent. I am already planning a couple of projects with what was sent but will be posting it much later when the process is done.

Now for tatting items, I don't have it finished yet. But in going through my books recently getting ready for the annual vacation next week I came across an inspirational pattern that I felt I could use to decorate my candles that I was talking about in another post HERE. I am happy with the way it is turning out so far but I have already come up with a couple of ideas for improvements to further stabilize the pattern when I put it around the candle. When I finally get around to finishing the project and posting a picture, I wonder if you would be so kind as to tell me if you think that someone might actually purchase the lace for the article intended or would I need to sell the complete candle and project. There would be the additional cost of the candle itself and I am not sure someone would pay additionally for something they should be able to get locally themselves.

So this Friday begins our annual fall vacation. We will be journeying to central Florida for the whole week. I have a lot of my tatting books now in electronic format so that I can take my library with me and read on my tablet. Nice thing about having this tablet is that I can also take regular books with me as well. Over the last year I have been very slowly scanning my books so that I can put them into PDF format for easy reading. Having things in this format will also allow me to print off the specific diagram for a pattern so that I can use it over and over again. These printouts I put into a regular 3x5 photo album which can be purchased at Walmart. This allows me to keep at hand projects that I find quick and easy as well as adaptable to other purposes such as hatbands, book marks or simple doilies. 

Well, guess you have heard enough from me for now. I do appreciate everyone of you who take the time to come and visit my blog. Let us see what the rest of the day will send my way. I do hope to post some while I am away. I am told that our vacation condo has access to wifi.

Happy Tatting
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