Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Brain is on Overdrive....

Have you ever had ideas that you just can't get down on paper fast enough? I don't have all of the supplies for them either. This is one reason why I just have to get my Etsy shop up and going soon. I really need the funding for putting my ideas into practice. I often get these strokes of something sometimes called "genius" and other times called "crazy". What I have in mind I really don't want to give away yet because I have not seen anyone else do much of this. The hat bands were a good idea and I will continue to work on them and expand the ideas by incorporating beads and things into them for future sales. 

I am still playing around with dyeing threads and have done just that when doing some test tatting for someone else. The piece turned out really well but I really can't show it off until the book is out. Not sure just how long it will be before the book gets published but I hope it is soon. I actually was amazed that I managed to get just enough thread wound on the thread winder to complete the project as planned. (Too bad I will have to leave you hanging on this, but you will understand once I get to post the pictures.)

I have begun chatting with some of the ladies from the Needle_tat list on Yahoo messenger. If you would like to chat sometime you may contact me using the id of "cyberspirit-2". Or if you are a Goggle talk fan use my email arialgr at gmail dot com. I am always happy to have another tatter to talk with and exchange ideas with. 

As far as the funding goes, I am trying to fund my own play because we only have one income in the house and I really don't want to dip into the household income for just my things. Well, that is all from me for now. I will try to have some other pictures for you soon. 

Oh, I have already received items from two of the ladies who received the books but am waiting on the others before I post the pictures for you.

So much for the scheduling of posts. I wrote this last night expecting it to post this morning at 7:00 AM and guess what? It didn't. So it is posting by hand for a while.

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie