Thursday, March 8, 2012

Frustrating Days.....

This has been one of those weeks where you might as well plan on not getting anything done. Just when I sit down to do some tatting, I need to go do something else. Granted the other things are important but so not compatible with my tatting time.

This week started off with a very busy weekend with all three of my children home. This will be the last time in who knows how long before we get together again. Since I have Hypothyroidism, my energy levels are never where they need to be when I get this busy. I go to bed so exhausted at night because my metabolism is never where it should be to keep up. The plus side to being diagnosed is that I have stopped the uncontrolled weight gain that I experienced over the years. My husband was complaining that I hardly ever ate much but was still gaining weight. Now if I could just get the metabolism kick back in to lose the weight, I would be much happier. (Sorry about the rant but I am fighting fatigue today.)

My uncle passed away the first part of this week and we will be attending his memorial service coming up this weekend. I will also be taking my daughter back to meet her ride back to college. It is a very good thing that they are in the same town. Next week is our annual "run away" for spring break vacation. Hubby and I will be traveling to a well known town in southern MO to spend a quiet week. This is a good school break for him as he is a college professor and just needs the time away. In an effort to get ready for the next week, I have been working on getting my patterns in electronic format to put on my tablet so I don't have to drag my entire library with me. In all of this I have discovered that there is actually nothing in the android market that will read an "rtf" formatted file. So now I have to convert them to either PDF format or epub. Guess that means that my files will be converted all over again.

I have had an idea of what I wanted to do for my next egg pattern. In the process of converting the books, I ran across a diagram based on an older pattern that I could post here. I am basing my work on the older pattern but this will give you an idea of what I am looking to do.

This pattern shows the split ring modification that is suggested in another website. Because of the thread that I am using, it is easier to tat the complete individual pieces to join and not mess up the color blend. Lots of ends, I know, but I am not planning on any rough treatment of this item once it is on the egg. The rain is coming down outside and that makes me want to go back to bed which does not get anything else done for me. 

Well, that is enough ranting for today. Hope you all get more done than I will today.

Happy tatting!
Arial - Tatting Faerie