Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have some time to spend working on the pictures I promised last week. For a week coming back from a vacation, I was busier at home than anywhere else. I am glad to finally have a few moments to actually do things that need to be done around my house.

This is the first set of Workbasket Magazines that I came across. These are from the 1960's and not ones I already had in my collection. The tablecloth on the cover of the first magazine is a tatted item that I may modify to create either a table runner or some curtain inserts from. 

This is the second set of Workbasket Magazines that I found the second day of antiquing. These are from 1948 and 1949. I did not have anything earlier than 1950 in my collection and am happy to include these to what I have. Each magazine has at least one tatted pattern and some have two.

This particular shuttle is one of the older plastic shuttles that were made in the 1940's or there about. This one had both ends sprung, so I will have to give it some tender loving care to get the points back  together. 

This is one of the new egg casings that I am working on. It is an adaptation of an edging that I had previously discussed HERE. I may have to go back and redo the main ring around the egg as there should have been one less loop and chain to make the count work out for a total of four sections evenly spaced around this part of the egg. There is nothing as yet on the other end. I may just leave it open instead of putting a medallion on that end. 

The edging in this piece I am working on is not very clear in this picture. I took the idea minus the beads from "Contemporary Tatting". It was originally part of a tatted choker called Gemma.  This one is still a work in progress. Once I finish the edging then I will need to decide what I should do for the open sides. This would be good for butterflies and flowers done free style. 

For all the eggs, I still need to decided the background colors that will set off the tatting. These are paper mache' eggs with no painting on them currently. I am still deciding whether or not to use gloss or satin finish as well as colors.

Well that is enough for today. I still have a few other things to catch up on around the house before settling in to do more tatting.

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie