Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yesterday's Adventure

Yesterday we got out a bit to explore just what shops are still open and active here in Branson. I found with sadness that one of my favorite antique shops was totally demolished in the tornado. However, we drove downtown and those shops were doing full business yesterday if not more because others were gone. I managed to purchase about 4 "workbasket" issues that I did not have in my collection. I am debating about going back to adopt an older shuttle that I saw in the shop where I got the magazines. The other thing I picked up was three balls of DMC size 30 so I can work on some special items to sell.

Last night we went to a Mystery dinner. It is titled "Mystery is Murder." This is the second time I have gone to a Mystery dinner theater and we loved it. If you get the chance to attend one of these, do! You will have so much fun trying to guess who did it. 

Today will be a quieter day and maybe I will get some tatting done. I want to finish up the egg case I am working on and create some necklaces or bracelets for sale soon. I am continuing on the roses that I began this blog with as I will need some approximately 100 tea roses by this fall. The current count is just short of two dozen and I have three colors so far. I am not posting pictures this week as I am not at my normal computer or area for good lighting. I hope to post pictures when I get back of the tatting I have gotten done this week. 

Well it is off to work on breakfast and get ready for the day. I know we will be out doing more shopping (my second favorite past time), but I plan on tatting today.

Happy tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie