Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blood Orange Thread.....

I was playing once again with my RIT dye (this is until I can get some Procion MX ordered) and discovered just what a beautiful color "Golden Yellow" and "Scarlet" can create on Ecru threads. It came out to a beautiful blood orange color. I first immersed the entire skein into the golden yellow letting it set for a bit as I wanted the strong yellow color. This actually came out to a beautiful antique gold color. Then after setting the color and rinsing the excess, I dipped the skein into the scarlet about half way. The following picture shows the first result after the initial wash of the threads.

There is just a bit more red in the bottom than I would have liked to have even though the soak time was less than a minute total for the red. Of course, while taking this picture I noticed that some of the soap was still in the thread and needed to be rinsed once again. Interestingly enough, more of the red came out of the fibers. The picture below shows the more satisfying orange that I was looking for.

This is the point where I wish that I had an aluminum drying rack like my mother used to have (only her's was wooden). I found where I can get one but that too will have to wait until I have some income. *sigh*

So now this thread is lying in the sun drying. I can't wait to play with this thread because I can see a hatband or two coming out of this thread. I am so happy that today is bright and sunny. This makes my deck the perfect place to dry the threads. When the weather is sunny like this my deck is normally not very useful during the afternoons as it gets way too hot. So the thread is happily baking away in the sun until it dries.

Happy Tatting
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