Friday, May 25, 2012

Thread Give-A-Way Closed....

I want to thank those who commented on both the posts here in my blog and my posts on Facebook. It is very encouraging to have so many people want to adopt my threads. There were two winners chosen for the prize. The first from the blog posting was "Cynthia Tatsaway" and the second from Facebook posting was "Geraldine Starbuck". Both have been send messages indicating their winning and I am awaiting responses for their mailing addresses to send them their special packages. 

Just a reminder of the threads that were won:

I received my latest book acquisition today in the mail. It is Fabric Dyer's Dictionary by Linda Johansen. I am taking small steps as I learn the art of thread dyeing and hand painting. It makes a good start of explaining the process of mixing the various colors. It is more of what one would us in fabric dyeing but the principles are the same for getting the same results with threads.   I am looking forward to taking the next step of obtaining the supplies necessary to begin formally dyeing thread. I must say that there are a couple of other books out there on dyeing that I might invest in later on down the line to see just how they compare with this one. 

The long three day weekend is almost here and it will be busy with family and friends. Kids have graduated from school and the summer vacation times begin. There are also changes coming in our family. We are having to step up care for my mother and after much discussion, we are moving her back near her long time home. This will be near to two of her children rather than just one and also nearer to dear friends who we (the children) know will visit her as often as they are able. She just lights up the room with her smile when someone comes to visit. These moments we cherish because they will become less and less over time. My mother suffers from Alzheimer's and will never be any better than she is today. Today is all that we live in and we should cherish what memories that we have. This year will be a year full of changes in our family. One son is moving with his family back to Japan with the Air Force and the other son will be joining the Air Force to be stationed who knows where. I will have the summer with his family as basic training will take 8 weeks plus time for technical school before he receives his first duty station. My daughter is becoming very independent but is still in college for a couple more years. She has grown into quite a beautiful young lady both inside and out. 

Enough from me for now. I await the response from the two lucky winners.

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