Thursday, May 24, 2012

Confessions of a.....

THREAD SNOB. After the discussion in my last post about not being happy with the way the Fiesta band was turning out. I loved the medallion that I was working on because it was easy. I loved the colors that I had created in the thread. So the only thing wrong with the work was the size of the thread that I was using. I was right about not being happy with the thread. 

So I ordered white thread from Handy Hands and re-dyed the colors (though much brighter because the original was Ecru) on size 40 Lizbeth thread. Once this dried then I worked up a single medallion and found that I was much happier with the result. Below is the size comparison.

If you look closely you can see the size difference. I am going to go ahead and make the band using the new threads. Down the road this may be redone but with the Ecru thread base giving the richer coloring of the original Fiesta thread. 

So here is the deal. Rather than let most of the thread sit and flounder until I get in the mood to deal with it again. I am going to create two packages  to give away to a loving home. Do remember that this is for the size 20 thread. You have two chances to enter. The first is to leave a comment here on my blog. Secondly leave a comment on my post on Facebook. I will select using a random number generator that I have seen in use and notify the recipients by either personal message on Facebook or contact information on the post here. I would prefer that all entrants be posted by the end of today but I will do the drawing on Saturday. Packages will be shipped out on Tuesday as Monday is Memorial Day and postal service is closed. 

The drawing is for 2 skeins approximately 50 yards of size 20 hand-dyed thread. I would love to see what you have done with the threads. 

I will have a skein or two left to complete the band so that I can attach it to a denim bag that I use to carry stuff when I go anywhere. 

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