Thursday, May 3, 2012

Off on a Quick trip.....

Not a lot going on for me over the next two days. I have a six hour trip south to pick up my youngest from college. While I am down there I will drop in on my mother who is living in a residential facility down there near my brother.  Most likely I will do some tatting once I get to my brother's house tonight as there will be no one there to visit with. My brother is off to a conference and his wife is off to see their son with his wife and kids who is in training in the military. 

The picture below is the first effort for dying threads. I have more questions for those who hand dye threads but that will have to wait until my return tomorrow evening.

The colors are "Scarlet" red and "Golden" yellow. It is too bad the the flash has washed it out. I will try to improve the shot some how to get a better color without the wash-out.

Happy tatting!

Arial - Tatting Faerie