Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hatband Progress....

It has been a busy few days for me but I was able to get just a little tatting done. Not very much mind you but some. 

The thread that I dyed and hoped would come out more blood orange than orange came out more of a fiesta orange and yellow than what I would have liked. I do like the color even though it turned out differently. I will plan on getting more threads and working on getting more of the color combinations that I want and playing with new colors. Anyway, below is the most recent picture of the band's progress:

I am sure that this thread is actually a size 20 and which is larger than the size 30 I had been using for the other hatbands. So I will be ordering more size 30 soon to produce more threads that give the smaller diameter to this motif. Right now it is about 1 and 1/2 times the size of the other motifs that I put together so far. 

Beginning Friday, my item pictures will be more professional and better lit. I have placed an order for a Photo Tent light box which allows me to shoot pictures with more indirect lighting. I really do get bothered by the shine either from the background or the thread itself. This kit comes with the "white box", two lights, 4 backgrounds and a mini tripod for the camera. Below is the picture of what will be showing up on my door.

I do hope to soon get back to playing with color to find the right combinations that really set the hats off. I now have three hats to show off my hatbands. I have the original black hat, the summer straw hat and now the white hat. I do not have pictures yet of the last hat but will soon. Right now direct flash or taking a photo outside will just cause it to shine too much. It has a lace fabric look to it which will compliment my lace bands. When I finally decide to list the bands, the hats will not be for sale as it takes a while for them to show up in Walmart again. The only way I would offer the hat to go with the band is if I could find a cheap source with plenty of inventory. 

I still have questions about some things people are doing with painting threads. I know what to use and the basics of how to do it. I am planning out future articles on hand painting once I finally get all of the supplies together that I need. I am curious about how it is repeatable and the record keeping around it. I am learning that not everyone wants to share because they are afraid that they will lose out on a sale but not everyone wants to create their own thread nor can they. Those of us who desire to learn to dye threads will find out with or without someone else's help. Not many manufacturers out there offer the variegated threads that we tatters are looking for. Those who offer the threads for sale are also hard to find. I am sorry to get on a soap box about getting help to do this but we are so willing to share when it comes to our tatting to everyone, we should also be willing to share this art of dyeing thread to those who ask. If we do not assist those who show interest then who will pick up the mantle when we are gone.

Happy Tatting
Arial - Tatting Faerie